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HDT Special Vehicles announce a ‘new generation’ in authentication papers – HDT Original.

We offer you the service of researching and producing a copy of all build papers that are held in the HDT archives for your HDT vehicle.

Our prestigious presentation includes a copy of your build papers and your ‘original’ certificate of ownership. All the papers are produced in such a way as to protect against duplication of any sorts. So when someone presents you with HDT Original build papers, you know they are the ‘real deal’.

Along with your ‘Original’ paperwork, you will also receive a specially designed ‘Original’ key ring engraved with your build number and exclusive owners cap.

Another innovation in this process is to record your details in the HDT Archives as the current owner of your HDT original vehicle. We are working towards a complete history of all HDT produced vehicles and where they are now. You can take your place in Australian motoring history by ordering your HDT Original authentication package today.

To complete the Authentication process you will need to provide evidence of ownership of the vehicle ie. copy of registation papers or similar as well as photographic evidence of the build tags from the car.

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Vehicle Verification Services

HDT also offer a Vehicle Verification Service to assist you in identifying whether a vehicle is a genuine HDT.

If you are looking to purchase a HDT Original vehicle STOP and check the numbers against our database BEFORE purchase.

Time and time again we have seen disappointed clients who have paid substantial money to purchase what they believe is a HDT original, only to find out later that the car cannot be authenticated as genuine.

Dont make the same mistake – check the build number and vin number against our database.

Online Vehicle Verification

*Any vehicle that cannot be authenticated through archival information, shall be considered non-genuine until such time as evidence is provided to the contrary.

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