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In tribute to Brock’s most famous creation, HDT is proud to present the bluest, meanest, power-packed car of them all – the new ‘Blue Meanie’.

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The birth of HDT signalled a moment in history that demands to be remembered. Not because it was iconic – although it was. Not because it was a winner – it was that too, but more because it was the dream of a futuristic thinker, Peter Brock.

We know HDT holds a very special place in the hearts of all Australian motorists and we’d like to thank all those who have welcomed us back.

It’s exciting, prestigious, memorable and famous. It’s HDT and it refuses to go away.

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The fans can’t forget and we won’t. The dream is alive

Take a look at todays’ HDT – honouring the past but very much moving forward into the future.

Explore our web site and learn more about us as we fast track our way towards the future and into tomorrow.


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