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HDT use a series of numbers from your vehicle to firstly verify that your car is on file with us.

You can search our database by the HDT Build Number. This number is usually located on a metal tag on the firewall of your vehicle.

You can also search by VIN Number for your vehicle in the database. This six digit number is located on the GM VIN Identification Metal plate located in the engine bay of your vehicle, and usually has the prefix of J or L (see pic above).

A search by engine number is also able to be carried out, but note, that this is the least reliable means by which to search. If your vehicle does exist in our database but has had an engine change, then it will not be found if you are searching by engine number.

If the database cannot locate anything matching on these numbers, it is safe to assume that their is no paperwork for your vehicle. It does not necessarily rule out your vehicle as genuine, but it does mean that we at HDT are unable to verify or authenticate it against original paperwork held in the archives.

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