VN HDT Sport

Western Australia’s Bill Lee was responsible for the HDT VN Sport which was a customer spec’d VN Executive V8. The colour on the Sport was called PPG ‘Jet black and bodykit parts were purely VN Group A.

The engine mods were vast – An O ringed block was cleaned up and prepared with supercharger dedicated head gaskets and a Harrop 355 stroker crank with the two bolt mains converted to four. From the crank, HDT fitted Group A conrods and forged flat top pistons with compression around 9.5:1. Gas flowed VN Group A heads with Yella Terra roller rockers and matching valve gear was set up top along with HDT’s renowned cold air set up. That followed around to the upgraded VN Box which was K and N equipped. A Bosch fuel pump was then fitted along with a high volume oil.

Engine management wise, the Sport was still handled by the original VN Delco computer. HDT reprogrammed the delco using ‘Kalmaker’ software to extract that little extra power.

The trim was completely custom with GM Milane and Co. given the responsibility of changing all the trim over to HDT specifications. Modified seat bolsters and black velour retrimming was applied to the seats with matching door trims. The stereo was then ripped out and completely remodified. Customisation of the rear parcel shelf was made to accomodate the six inch two ways, A four channel MRV-F405 amplifier was slotted in also with tweeters up in the dash air vents. Alpine took care of the head unit and also the CD Stacker. Bill then recommended the owner of the VN Sport to run Mobil 1 oil.


355 Cubic Inch (5.737 Litres) Pushrod 90 degree V8. 9.5:1 compression. 101.6mm bore and 88.4mm stroke. Max Power 277kw.

VN Group A twin throttle body with HDT Cold air intake and Electronic Multi-point port fuel injection.

T5G 5 Speed

First: 2.950
Second: 1.940
Third: 1.340
Fourth: 1.00
Fifth: 0.730

Single Dry Plate

Power assisted Rack & Pinion. 2.8 turns lock to lock. 10.4m turning circle.

Front: Fully independant. Macpherson struts with coil springs and anti-roll bar.
Rear: Live axle located by upper and lower trailing arms and Panhard rod. Coil springs and anti-roll bar.

Split circuit hydraulic system with power booster.
Front: 287mm Ventilated discs.
Rear: 279mm Discs

17 x 8.0J HDT Starform wheels with Yokahama A00-8 235/45 ZR17 tyres.

Calais dash, Momo steering wheel, ICE Alpine CDM 7829E head unit, CHM 5601 CD stacker, Quart 5-inch splits

85 Litres


Around $65,000.

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