At the start of the VL range Holden did not have an unleaded version of the V8 engine available. Many punters felt betrayed by the V8 company’s decision to use the new very popular and powerful RB30 Nissan 6 Cylinder Engine in their line up. Incredibly, sales started off extremely well as for the first time varying from the previous Calais Based Director, the new Calais VL series HDT dubbed the ‘LE’ (As Brock was saving the Director name for another Calais Release), offered the new six Cylinder and the contraversial DB Tech ‘Energy Polarizer’ as standard.


In the cabin, options were ‘all luxury’ with the top of the line Calais trim with bolstered sides available as standard or the Scheel sports seats in either the velour or leather cladding available at the tick of a box.

Also on the option list was a variety of extra enhancements such as the Brock premium sound system, Brock interior, electric sunroof and a car phone. In addition there was the VK Group 3’s steering wheel, optional side and rear skirts or, for the complete look, full side mouldings which replaced the standard Calais items however the base model LE had little bodykit at all receiving just a front letterbox type grille and rear boot spoiler.


The LE was available in any Holden colour, as well as a few new ones and a further suprise was to come later down the track with the six cylinder receiving a ‘GUN’ 150kw Turbo option soon after which surprised and pleased many with it’s smooth and impressive performance


Option 1. Nissan RB30E 3.0L EFI Straight Six. Overhead cam, 2 valves / cylinder Bore x Stroke (mm): 86.0 x 85.0 Compression ratio: 9.0:1 Max Power: 114kW Max Torque: 247 Nm

Option 2. Nissan RB30ET 3.0L Turbo straight six, Overhead cam, 2 valves / cylinder Bore x Stroke (mm): 86.0 x 85.0 Compression ratio: 7.8:1 Max Power: 150kW Max Torque: 296 Nm Water cooled Garrett AiResearch T3 turbocharger, strengthened camshaft, strengthened pistons, larger oil pump, detonation sensor, two mode fuel injection system, and pressure relief valve in the inlet manifold.

Option 3. 4.9L Pushrod OHV V8, 2 valves per cylinder. Downdraught Rochester Carburetor

Multipoint Electronic Fuel Injection with Ram tuned intake manifold and HDT Modified air intake. Rochester Carburettor and port matched manifold on V8 models.

5-speed manual (Turbo only) or 4-speed automatic (3 speed on V8 models)

Ratios (Automatic)
1st: 2.45:1
2nd: 1.45:1
3rd: 1.00:1
4th: 0.68:1

3.45:1 (3.08:1 on V8 models). LSD Optional.

Single Dry Plate (Torque Convertor in non turbo auto)

Power assisted Rack & Pinion. 10.7m turning circle. 3.2 Turns to lock.

Front: Fully independent. Macpherson struts with coil springs and anti-roll bar.
Rear: Live axle located by trailing arms and Panhard rod. Coil springs and anti-roll bar.

Power assisted front and rear discs.

15 x 7JJ” HDT Aero alloys with 215/60VR15 tyres, 16 x 7″ flush fitting Aero’s and 16 x 7″ Momos with Bridgestone 225/50/VR16’s optional

Automatic Non Turbo:

KM/H @ Rpm
1st: 81@6100
2nd: 136@6100
3rd: 198@6100

Any Holden Colour

63 Litres

V8: 39
Turbo: 53
N/A: Unknown

Base LE $27,995 – $50,000 depending on the options.

HDT Pack $4050
Peter Brock Sound System $1250
HDT Momo Wheels $1665
HDT Sports Interior $2595
Bridgestone RE71 tyres $1490
Cobra Alarm System $650
Side Skirts $900

1354Kg (Six)
1383Kg (Turbo Six)

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