Both HDT Sydney and QLD are open for normal trading hours

Both HDT Sydney and QLD are open for normal trading hours

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Both HDT Sydney and QLD are open for normal trading hours

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VL Bathurst – Bathurst Aero

The VL Group Bathurst was yet another model available in the VL series and was available with either the 4.9 litre engine or an optional 5.6 litre which copped a 30 thou overbore, heavy duty crank and bearings, oversize pistons along with a Tuftrided camshaft. Cars fiited with the optional 5.6 litre engine were referred to as the ‘Bathurst Stroker’.


The cars were based on either an Executive or Berlina and externally, the Bathurst copped the same wheels as the VL Group 3, as well as the same front spolier and side skirts. Rear wing and grille come from the Group A parts bin with the rear apron supplied courtesy of the LE

Interior remained standard except for the fitment on the obligatory Momo steering wheel. However, the 5.6 Bathurst received retrimmed seats and door trims. Suspension was Brock’s HDT System II suspension, including stiffer springs with double rubber mounting blocks all round (4.9 only), reinforced top strut mounts and modifed front suspension geometry. 5.6 litre cars also copped Bilstein strut inserts, as well as stiffer Bilstein shock absorbers in the rear along with stiffer front and rear anti roll bars.

In addition, the Bathurst and Aero Packages could be combined, making a “Bathurst Aero” which was a very rare combination. As these cars were developed towards the end of HDT under Brock’s direction, there would be very few of these cars actually produced – Build # 4239 is pictured here.


Engine 1: 4.987 Litre (304 Cubic Inch) HDT Modified Pushrod V8, Overhead Valve – 2 valves per cylinder; Bore x Stroke (mm): 101.6mm Bore x 76.8mm stroke; Maximum Power: unkown; Maximum Torque: unknown.

Engine 2: 5.6 litre HDT modified pushrod V8, Overhead Valve – 2 valves per cylinder, Tuftrided Cam, Heavy duty crank and bearings, oversize pistons for 30 thou oversize bore. Fully balanced and blue printed; Maximum Power: Approx 225kw’s

4 barrel Rochester carburettor and Port matched inlest manifold. HDT Cold air induction with chrome air cleaner lid.

Borg Warner T5 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic

Ratios – Manual
1st: 3.25
2nd: 1.99
3rd: 1.29
4th: 1.00
5th: 0.72
Reverse: 3.15
Final Drive: 3.08:1

Single Dry Plate (Torque Convertor in Auto’s)

Power assisted Rack & Pinion.

Front: Fully independant. Macpherson struts with coil springs and anti-roll bar.
Rear: Live axle located by trailing arms and Panhard rod. Coil springs and anti-roll bar.

See above for specific modifications to 5.6 stroker.

Power assisted front and rear discs

16 x 7JJ” HDT Series II Aero alloys with 225/50/16 Bridgestone RE71 tyres.

Any Holden colour

63 Litres


Manual: unknown
Auto: $35000