VK Calais Director

The VK Calais Director was based on Holden’s Calais, the top of the range model in the VK Series. From factory, the cars came equipped with such luxuries as electric windows, cruise control, plush velour interior and electric mirrors to name just a few of the luxury items as fitted standard.

Many customers had stated they wanted a Brock vehicle, but did not necesssairly want to advertise the fact, they wanted an understated car with some or all of the performance and luxury enhancements on offer, so the Director could be built to just about any specification.

This meant that few Directors looked alike and with options like T5G 5 speed, sunroof, Scheel seats, various body kit parts, suspension, wheels and more, there was a lot to choose from.

The cars had to have a minimum amount of modifications to be allocated a build plate, but some looked nothing more than a Calais with a set of wheels, right up to the fully optioned Group 3 kitted cars with 5 speeds and leather Scheel interior’s.

Although referred to as a Director, they were actually allocated the code 333 for the automatic Calais and 334 for Manual Calais


5.044 Litre – 308 Cubic Inch (Later 304 Cubic Inch) HDT Modified pushrod V8, Overhead Valves – 2 Valves per cylinder; Bore x Stroke (mm): 101.6 x 77.8; Compression ratio 9.2:1; Maximum Power: 177kw’s @ 4800rpm; Maximum Torque: 419nm @ 3500rpm. Note: Engine size was later decreased to 4.987 Litre (304 Cubic Inch)

Various additional engine work could be optioned.

4 barrel Rochester Carburettor and port matched inlet manifold. HDT Cold Air induction system with chrome air cleaner lid.

Trimatic 3 Speed Auto, M21 4 Speed & Optional T5G 5 Speed

Ratios – Automatic
First: 2.48
Second: 1.48
Third: 1.00
Final Drive: 3.08


Ratios – M21
First: 2.54
Second: 1.83
Third: 1.38
Fourth: 1.00
Reverse: 2.54
Final Drive: 3.08

Ratios – T5G
First: 2.95
Second: 1.94
Third: 1.34
Fourth: 1.00
Fifth: 0.73
Final Drive: 3.08

Single Dry Plate

Power assisted rack and pinion

Front: Fully independant. Macpherson struts with coil springs and anti-roll bar.
Rear: Live axle located by trailing arms and Panhard rod. Coil springs and anti-roll bar.

Split circuit hydraulic system with power booster.
Front: 281mm Ventilated discs.
Rear: 281mm Discs.

HDT 15 x 7 Aero’s, 16 x 7 Aero’s (also available with flush fitting cap), 16 x 7″ & 16 x 8″ Momo Stars. (Simmon’s & BBS wheels were also fitted to a few vehicles)

Top Speeds: (km/h@rpm) 4.9L 5 Spd Director

1st: 70@5600
2nd: 109@5600
3rd: 160@5600
4th: 207@5600
5th: 242@4800

Standing Start

0-100km/h: 6.91 seconds
400m: 14.90 seconds

63 Litres
90 Litres Optional


Base Price: Approx $22000 for Automatic.

Director Pack $5355
LSD $179
T5 Transmission $2850
Tinted Windows $247
16 Inch Aero’s $415 (less credit on 15’s)
Dunlop Forumla One Tyres $522 (less credit on 15’s)
90/130 Headlight globes $41
Tinted Headlamp Covers $50
Black Chrome Window Trim $319
SS Rear Deck Spoiler $240
SS Grille $195
Long Range Tank $316
Sports Exhaust System $325
Electrically Operated Glass Sunroof $1661
Front & Rear Mudflaps $50
Piranha 908 Auto Alarm $595
Rear Quarter Window Venetian Slats $65
Driving Lamps $95.


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