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HDT VF 3 Piece Boot Spoiler

To Suit Series I and II VF Commodores

Embossed with the HDT Logo

Made from Fibreglass with a primed finish

Available on back-order

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Shipping Quotes.

As all our fibreglass items incur different shipping fees due to the different boxed dimensions, we use a quote system for all fibreglass orders.

How it works: Select all the parts required to complete your order. Enter your shipping details and select “Request a quote” in the shipping area.

This will come through to us and we will quote the freight during standard business hours.

If you are ordering outside business hours, we will send the quote back to you on the next business day.

You will receive an email with the quote price (excluding GST). You will be able to then complete your order through the link on the email.

For any queries, please email us on admin@hdt.com.au or call us on 1300 798 405.

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