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So it’s Friday lunchtime. You’re almost over the line after yet another busy week. You grab the opportunity to breath in some fresh air and a walk in the sunshine whilst you eat your sandwich.


You’re mind clears while you enjoy a well earned break when you hear it making its way toward you. You can smell it, taste it almost. The hair stands on the back of your neck. It’s approaching closer from around the corner. Now you can feel it. It’s rumbling a sound that’s resonating around you. What is it? You catch your first glimpse as it’s nose comes to the intersection. It’s a Commodore. Not just a Commodore, it’s a HDT Commodore.

But it’s green?? The lady behind the wheel pulls into a park. Turns it off, jumps out and grins at you as she enters the building. Yeah she’s grinning. Why wouldn’t she with a wing man that looks like that? You stand there and finish your sandwich, drinking in the beauty of this beast. You can’t resist the urge to move closer, to get a look inside. The dash badge says HDT Improved. Hmmm, improved it most certainly is. You raise your mobile and snap a pic.

Back at work, late in the afternoon, the image of that car you saw at lunch comes to mind. You find yourself browsing the HDT website. It’s here you realise a dream can become a reality. You begin to imagine a 3 piece wing on your own Commodore, a grille that changes the whole look of the front. Add a scoop and the stance of the car goes from standard to oh so nasty. Wheel options come into consideration. A plan is beginning to hatch. The want, the need to roll the garage door up every morning to sight a beast ready and willing to begin the day with you is intoxicating.

3 months later, it’s Friday afternoon. Hang the walk. You snatch your keys from your desk, walk out to the car park where it’s waiting. A lion ready to prowl. Your excitement at just the sight of it never gets old. You pop the sunroof just so you can hear it’s voice even louder. As you approach the next intersection, you smile at the guy who stopped because he heard you coming. You recognise the stunned look on his face. You grab that park and run into the shop. While in line, you watch him walk around your car. He can’t help himself, he edges closer whilst lifting his mobile phone.

That Sunday you and your family roll up to the meeting point. A few have already arrived. Teresa looks up, smiles and waves at you. That green improved car of hers looks so hot with the brushed and colour coded alloys. You are the latest to join the pride. Another member joins the HDT family. One more build number is added to the archives. The lifestyle enhancement has begun.

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